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Fredell Myers is a strong survivor and role model to all that know her. Her journey began as the only biological child of Freddie Myers, one of New York’s biggest drug kingpins. Ms. Myers witnessed a plethora of things throughout the years. Undoubtedly, the hardest thing she had to survive was witnessing the arrest of both her parents and all of her older siblings. At the tender age of 12, Fredell’s family life was turned into a nightmare.

Federal Agents burst into their families' mansion door and snatched everyone but her. During the late 70’s and early 80’s her father New York Freddie Myers was one of the biggest heroin drug dealers in New York City.

Her father served 24 years in prison and her mother Alliebe Myers served 4 ½ years. Freddie Myers ‘Never Snitched’, he owned up to his crimes and served his time. Within the first year of him being released, he was the cover story for FEDS Magazine, Issue 21. A DVD documentary soon followed entitled, ‘KINGPINS The Freddie Myers Story;’ Fredell Myers was also interviewed in the documentary.

With all Fredell witnessed she still managed to graduate from high school and college and served her country in the United States Army for 14 years. After, her service to her country she believed in giving back and assisting her community and has worked diligently in the social service sector.

Currently, Fredell has begun several projects. Her first project was to start a thriving non-profit to serve all local children of incarcerated parents. As a fellow child with both parents incarcerated, she experienced firsthand the heartache and struggle that these children go through. One of Fredell’s main problem as a child was the constant traveling to out of state prisons to visit her father. Many children with incarcerated parents experience this daily.

Fredell’s second project is a huge. She is bringing her father’s entire life to the big screen. Ms. Myers has been in extensive talks with movie production companies to produce the Freddie Myers story. This project has always been in Fredell’s heart and now is the right time to bring it to fruition. Along with this project, Fredell will film a documentary about her life as a child of incarcerated parents, and a PTSD survivor. 

The years have played a toll on her and she has a story to tell.